How to preserve your mobile device battery?

How to preserve your mobile device battery?

Most smart phone nowadays is able to last for a day on a normal usage before your mobility is limited by the length of your charging cable against the wall plug. Here are some ways which can you prolong the battery life,

  • Do not “overcharge” your device:

Charging your phone battery level to 60%-70% is found to be the optimal level to prolong the battery life. Like pumping air into a balloon, at the beginning it is easy to fill the balloon to 60%-70% of its capacity. As the balloon gets bigger air pressure build up and the balloon stretches to its capacity. When you charged your mobile device beyond 70% you are putting more stress on the battery. Thus battery life shorten.

  • Don’t let your battery level goes to zero:

Lithium battery is most commonly used in smart device nowadays. It is known to most efficient and economically way to store charges. However, the Achilles heel to lithium battery is when its discharge to zero causing permanent damage to the battery. Majority of the smart phone battery has a safety catch to switch off the device when the battery is extremely low to buy you some time dashing to the nearest charging point.

  • Never charge your phone overnight

This also mean you are charging your phone perpetually for a good 7 hours on average. Constantly putting pressure and heat onto your device. Fortunately most mobile device are able to detect a fully charged battery and stop the charging process.

  • Avoid direct heat

Lithium itself is highly flammable material. Excessive heat on the lithium battery can cause unwanted gas to build-up in the battery causing it swell and in some cases it explode. Always remember to keep you mobile device cool.